Two New Releases For August!

Two New Releases For August Featured Image

* AttestorDemo II
DIY is the best way in this world. Don’t wait, create. Attestor has taken this to heart and has released Demo II a mere six months after their first. Between February and August this year, the world has changed in many ways but more depressingly, it’s remained the same. Over six songs, Attestor with muscular singularity makes their anger known and frustration with those who have power but make choices which benefit the few and disadvantage the many. Song titles such as Not For Sale, Anxiety and Preach Love let you know what’s on their minds.  On the Bandcamp is the legend, Play Fast! All I’ll add to this is Play This Loud!

* Black HoneyBeaches
Saxophones. Cool adornment or infernal tootling? At one end of the scale, we have X-Ray Spex bring a Post Punk vibe to Kenny G inducing a sleep from which you might never awake. Black Honey’s new track, Beaches is a summery pop tune with the aforementioned sax, front and centre bringing a late Seventies shine. As Brighton wilts under a wave of strength-sapping heat, beaches are on many of our minds. Add this one to your thoughts if Pop with a New Wave twist floats your boat. Surfs Up!

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