Skinny Milk – Live from Bar Renée

Skinny Milk Live From Bar Renee Featured Image

These two guys walk into a pub. They’re called Tim and Johnny. One has short hair and one has long hair. Tim sits behind the drumkit and Johnny plugs in his bass. Bang! Kerrang! If you like headbanging then Skinny Milk is the band for you. You can’t keep still when they are playing.

I’m suffering from St Vitus’s dance and I love it. Johnny is a ball of energy. If you turned away from the stage for a second, he’s off away to another part. So many sounds from the bass, all cool. Tim’s pounding away on the drums as if his life is on the line. Psych Garage Rock is what they sell and you should be buying.

HeadbangingGrinInducingGrooveMakingHairShakingAirMovingFistPumpingMoshInducingFastLivingPsychWorshippingNeckSnappingEardSplitting … That’s Skinny Milk!

This is from a review of the last gig I attended at the end of February at The Prince Albert where Skinny Milk were the headliners.

Fast forward six months and we have a live album from Skinny Milk from their 2019 tour European Tour. This release reminds me why I like loud and heavy music. Drums are pummelled until screaming point and riffs to infinity are sent into the ether.

Whilst gigs are very slowly starting to be booked, here’s a timely reminder of what makes live music important. For the time being, move the sofa to one side and form your own moshpits at home. Full fat goodness to drink from here. When the world is right again (fingers crossed) these are the sort of gigs we want to have our own memories of.

Skinny MilkLive from Bar Renée is available via streaming services on Dream Kind Records.

More Skinny Milk on Plugged In Brighton

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