New Music Releases For September 2020

New Music Releases For September 2020 Featured Image

* Winnipeg, MN  – Bouzouki Songs
Where has the pandemic taken you? Not physical but mentally… Have you journeyed to the past, seeking refuge in its familiarity? The new release from Winnipeg, MN is a collection of songs that conjures a feeling of tumult mixed with acceptance of what has passed. Folk music reimagined with elements of shoegaze and electronic sounds with the titular bouzouki adding a human warmth. In an alternate universe, if post-Wall Pink Floyd worked with Thom Yorke, then this is what it might sound like. In an age of quarrel, seek shelter here.
Bouzouki Songs EP is released on 11th September on Eyeless Records

* MinibeastsMinibeasts EP
Cerebral music often gets a bad press. Tricky time signatures, naming conventions donating god knows what. Minibeasts, a new band have delivered their self titled EP. Instrumental rock music with its feet firmly in Math Rock/Post Rock territory. Five tracks, five chances. To enjoy this fully I recommend you listen to this whilst not web surfing, email checking or any other distracting activity. Put on your headphones and enjoy. Minibeasts they may be called but they are the new predators.
The Minibeast EP is available via Bandcamp

* Milk White ThroatSleepless
As a taster for their forthcoming EP, Hierarchy, we get single Sleepless. With a sound evocative of Deftones, the track provides muscular drums and guitars which rocket mixed with emotive and plaintive vocals to give you the best of modern rock now.  If this sounds like what you need right now, you won’t have long to wait for even more with the EP out soon.
Sleepless is out now
Hierarchy EP is released on 18th September
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