ARXX: Call Me Crazy

ARXX Call Me Crazy Featured Image

ARXX Call Me Crazy 001Confounding expectations can be tough.

Everyone has an opinion of what you should do or be.

ARXX is confounding expectations with their new release, Call Me Crazy. With their last two releases, 2019’s EP Wrong Girl Honey and the previous year’s Daughters of Daughters have made their reputation on a grungy rock sound.

The duo of Hanni Pidduck and Clara Townsend this time have dialled down the more muscular parts of their sound and embraced an alt-pop sound which is bouncy yet reflective. Lyrically, it deals with life’s challenges about living in the moment versus our human instinct to over analyse and live within ourselves.

Hanni explains what the track means to her. “It’s a happy pop song about the trials and tribulations of living with depression. The chorus is an internal dialogue about getting stuck in your head and forgetting to enjoy life. It’s a very personal insight into my experiences with mental health.”  Whilst different from most of their material to date, ARXX has given us a song which chimes well at this moment and shows their talents are equally strong in the pop camp as well in rockier areas.

Particularly in this time of change and uncertainty, ARXX has shown another side of themselves and we should embrace it. Call me crazy? If you like. Better yet, listen to it.

Call Me Crazy is out now on Spotify: click here.

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