Live is Alive Part 2, Brighton Dome, 24th October 2020

Live Is Alive Part 2 Featured Image

Live Is Alive Part 2 Image 001The second of four Brighton band showcase at the Brighton Dome running over four consecutive Saturdays. In addition to a night of music, the purpose of this and the other evenings is to raise awareness of the plight of small venues in the city and to help raise funds for them via ticket sales and internet streams sold. With Brighton being besieged by heavy rain and socially distanced tickets sold out, I was glad of the option of a Livestream. Let’s go.

Headliners LibraLibra brings to mind Gossip in a set which brought together funky punk with a seventies pop sheen. Vocalist Beth has a voice which is an instrument as powerful as any other and with charisma to burn, she was at home on the big stage. Closer Listerine is a pop song beamed in from a time when flamboyant pop was in vogue. A little different to the other three bands who preceded them but they deserved to be there.

Plugged In Brighton has covered Ditz numerous times and we saw them last at The Albert just before the world changed and they were mainlining piss and venom in equal measures. By the second track in their set, they were unleashing sonic hell. Tonight’s set was a mix of songs from the recent EP compilation and new compositions. Hopefully, this signals new releases soon, maybe an LP to go with their EPs? If Idles can be successful, then Ditz is due their moment in the limelight soon. Still the noise-punk band you need in your life.

Lambrini Girls have recently slimmed down from a four-piece to three but this hasn’t impeded their ability for mayhem and carnage. Phoebe now on vocals and guitar. Mining a similar vein of grungy punk like Pussyliqour, they careened around the stage making a cacophony that was great here but would be excellent in a tiny venue drenched in sweat and beer (or the almost wine with which they share a name). Yes!

Wife Swap USA is the shed rock cousins to The Chats. Songs about the crapness and stupidity of life. Singer Harry with probably a mullet that ranks in the top 1% in Brighton. They managed to keep more of their clothes on than in past gigs but going back to the music they are the modern flag barriers for an almost Punk Pathetique sound a la Peter and the Test Tube Babies. Teasing their first release they were the best-kept secret on the Brighton music scene but now the mangy cat is out of the bag. Get wife-swapping!

Gig going isn’t back to normal and mightn’t be for a long time but tonight was an important baby step on the way back for the Brighton music scene. Live music forever.

More Ditz and Wife Swap USA

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