New Music Round-Up November 2020

New Music Roundup November 2020

* The Hell BeingsSkallywag
Scuzzy but in the best ways, The Hell Beings are back! Brighton’s grungy alt-rockers pack in fat rock riffs, powerful vocals anchored by a tight rhythm section which holds it together in a brisk two minutes or so.  The lyrics read like a litany of crimes committed by the ne’er do wells around us whether they’re people we know or people who have power over us. With The Hell Beings around, we have songs to berate and chide any scallywags. All hail The Hell Beings.

Skallywag is available now on Bandcamp and from 16th December on Spotify.

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* Idle BonesDead Dancing Girl
Always busy, Idle Bones new track Dead Dancing Girl is here. Chugging Punkabilly with singer Brett’s melodic and impassioned vocal drawing you in. With a vein of horror-themed punk a la AFI embedded in their sound, this track is recommended for all you guys and ghouls! Brighton’s premier scarepunks. If Idle Bones is new to you, check out their prior releases too. Also, check out the video which features a few familiar faces from the local music scene.

Dead Dancing Girl is out now.

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* Black Sun DownGhost In A Holy Place
Of late, Plugged In Brighton has received more Rock releases for review which shows a resurgence in this scene locally. Black Sun Down are a band we saw live just prior to the pandemic. Getting the Rock sound right on record is difficult but no problems here. On this three-track EP, the five-piece take a classic rock sound and make it their own. Singer Gabi has a sound and style similar to Verity White which is powerful and soulful. Bang your head to this.

Ghost In A Holy Place is available on all major streaming services:

More Black Sun Down

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