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* FFSVanilla Giver
Punk in 2020, where’s it going? Vanilla Giver has sent the world five tracks dealing with the issues of our times. Songs about falling in love with a traffic warden and other life events of equal import. Instruments blur into an almighty punk row. It’s not your birthday anymore has the best chorus of the year; It’s not your birthday, Nah, Nah and everybody still hates you.  Best heard through crappy speakers or tinny headphones, Vanilla Giver has served up a slice of catchy and absurd punkness for your delectation. For fuck sake, listen to this and tell a mate to do the same.
FFO – Ace Of Maid, Peter and the Test Tube Babies
FFS is available on Bandcamp:

* 23rd MarchGenn
Self-described trans-national, genre-blenders Genn are back with new track 23rd March and with a new ep Liminal out early next year too on the Everything Sucks Music label. Seductive, alternative rock is what Genn are serving here. If you could travel back to the 90s and made Gwen Stefani a singer of a cool underground alt-rock band this is what you would get. Singer Leona said the inspiration for this song came from our current blights, BLM, Brexit and Covid. This new track from Genn has taken our current challenges and made danceable art from them. If 23rd March is indicative of the rest of the ep, we are in for a treat.
FFO – Charmpit, Dream Nails
23rd March is out on Spotify and other platforms:

* Sophie remix  i + iivivian clarke
vivian clarke has remixed two tracks by Sophie, Is it cold in the water?, and Lemonade and made them glitchy and dystopian. Lemonade veers into Happy Hardcore territory with short samples and continuous drum beats fighting each other. Is it cold in the water? is a more glacial affair, robots at play. The recent past revisited and reimagined for our current age of quarrel.
FFO: Aphex Twin, Blazley
Sophie remix  i + ii is available on Bandcamp:

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