Chris Sez Do The Right Thing!

Chris Sez Do The Right Thing Featured Image

Chris SezAs Lockdown 2.0 is in full effect in England, we’ve started to hear good news regarding viable vaccines for limiting the effect and transmission of the virus. Whilst this is positive, let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Factoring in availability and delivery of them, the material benefit to society and heading towards normality is unlikely before Summer next year at the earliest.

We all must adhere to the main mitigations we can all perform: Wear masks, keep two metres apart, hand washing and not meeting in large groups. Brighton has generally been good at this but groups meeting on The Level shows there is a small contingent within the community who are at best stupid and selfish.

With gigs mainly being pushed back to March next year with the exception of a few small capacity shows in large venues still booked for December, Brighton’s venues and musicians still need us all to help them by following the rules. If you can’t, maybe Brighton isn’t for you…

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