Chris Sez: Tiers Before Bedtime Two

Chris Sez Tiers Before Bedtime Two Featured Image

Chris SezThe virus has mutated via Kentish way apparently and whilst the announced vaccines should be effective against it, Brighton with the rest of England has gone back into a lockdown.

So are we at the end of the beginning, or the beginning of the end? Your actions will help decide this. Face, Space, Hands. Nice and simple and you are simple if you can’t adhere to them.

COVID-19 PSA over, what about the Brighton music scene then?

No gigs for the immediate future (maybe late Spring at the earliest?). So what we can do to support venues and related music businesses during this time? Buy tickets for shows and tours announced. Buy band merch. Buy records via Resident and Rarekind. Venues have been producing merch in recent times to fundraise. Need a new tote bag or t-shirt? Hint, hint!

By being pandemic aware in our behaviours and supporting the music scene now we give it the best chance of it being vital and alive in the near future. I know what I’m doing. What are YOU going to do?

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