New Releases For January 2021

New Releases For January 2021 Featured Image

* Sam Dielle23
Early Twenties, eh? You’re starting to find yourself (or you will).

23 by Sam Dielle is about this time and where he was. Pandemic times have heightened our natural instincts to reflect on our own situation and compare ourselves to others. Musically, it has a lo-fi sound which is reminiscent of Gomez from the ‘90s, beats meet guitars. If there is a message to take from this, and as good life advice generally, you are where you are and you’re doing fine.
23 by Sam Dielle is released on 23rd January

* Black HoneyBeliever
Black Honey is back. Their new album has been delayed until March but we have a new track Believer for now. Horns, Seventies rock vibes and air of detached coolness are what we have here. Also, check out the video (link below) for the full Tarantino meets Exploitation vibe.

Black Honey have been ones to watch for a while. If Believer is a good representation for Written & Directed, we are all in for a treat.
Believer by Black Honey is out now.
The new album, Written & Directed, is released on March 19.

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