January 2021 New Music Reviews

January 2021 New Music Review Featured Image

* InsidesSoft Bonds
Twenty years since their last album, 2000’s Sweet Tip, Insides are back with a meditative collection of songs that provides a sanctuary in its quiet delights. Instrumentation is used sparingly which allows space for Kirsty Yates’ voice to breath and guide you in this audio world of shadows and ghosts. Listening via headphones allows you to appreciate the breadth of instrumentation used which isn’t apparent on a first listen. Soft Bonds’ delights are delicate and gentle but there is at times an atmosphere which hints at unseen troubles. An album as much about what you think you can hear as you actually do. A minimalist treat.
Soft Bonds is released on Further Distractions: https://insides1.bandcamp.com/album/soft-bonds

* Outpost 3Pinwheel World
Outpost 3, a band from the further reaches of time and space, well Worthing actually! Pinwheel World is the first track released from their mini-album titled, The Last Advert. If you took 90s stalwarts Ash and latter period Supergrass together you’d get Pinwheel World. Chunky garage rock with keyboard embellishments. Snotty and energetic enough to get you out of your seat and down the pub (but not at the moment, obviously). All done and dusted in under two minutes, this bodes well for The Last Advert too. Always room for energetic, upbeat rock here at PIB towers and you should make some too for Outpost 3.
Pinwheel World is released on 1st February on major streaming services and via Bandcamp:

* Amongst The PigeonsN.V.O.D (featuring Richard Wiseman)
N.V.O.D? Natural vector of disease, a pandemic times phrase from Boris. Amongst The Pigeons’ main man Daniel says ‘On 23 June 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic Boris Johnson called cricket balls ‘natural vectors of disease’ and stopped cricketers up and down the country playing the sport. Rather than a cricket ball being a natural vector of disease, it is, in fact, Boris Johnson and his cabinet who are all Natural Vectors of Disease.’ The song itself has similarities to Sleaford Mods lyrically and its flow, but the music is more post-punk meets the Eighties. If you’re enjoying Billy Nomates in addition to the Mods, add Amongst The Pigeons to your sprechgesang playlist. All profits from the release go to the Help Musicians charity. The Tories won’t help musicians but you can!
N.V.O.D is available on Bandcamp: https://amongstthepigeons.bandcamp.com/track/n-v-o-d-feat-richard-wiseman

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