New Music – Tuesday 26th January

New Music Tuesday 26th January Featured Image

* GENNFeel
GENN is taking you back, way back. Maybe it’s the late Sixties or perhaps early Seventies.  Woozy keyboard lines and fuzzy guitar sounds and drone effects take you on a journey into yourself. Vocalist Leona Farrugia says of Feel: “Musically, the song was inspired by The Doors and Lou Reed’s ‘Walk On The Wild Side’ – it’s drone-centred and infused with psychedelic elements. The lyrics personify a relationship with drugs and the dependency that stems from that sense of escapism.”
We are all seeking a sanctuary from what’s outside of us and outside of our control at the moment. Let GENN take you there.
Feel is out now on Everything Sucks Music:

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* Matt FinucaneSomething That Can Help
A mainstay of the Brighton alternative music scene, Matt’s been busy during the pandemic and this track is the first of three single releases prior to a new album due in April. It’s a cliche to talk about singers who wear their hearts on their sleeves but in Matt’s case, you can add all the other major organs to his sleeve too. Unsparing to himself, the track is a cry in the dark, when you’re awake at 4 am and poor choices and bad luck are your only friends but there is a glimmer of light in the distance. His songs, this one included, showcase a talented lyricist and an under-rated guitarist who takes the best of Seventies East Coast alternative bands but filtered through the lens of the best of the obtuse, The Fall. Something That Can Help? I know so.
Something That Can Help is released on 29th January:

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* Joanna and The DropoutsBad News
Bad News from Joanna and The Dropouts is good news for you and me. Brighton’s foremost purveyors of Surf n’ Roll and all-round cool kids are back with twangy guitars and B Movie creepy keyboards. As the band themselves say “It’s not a sad song it’s about overcoming and adapting when life throws you a curve-ball,  which I think everyone can relate to especially now.” The news today is good and after a raft of cool tracks, perhaps we can hope for an album soon?
Bad News is released on 5th February:

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* Holly MacveBe My Friend
The first track released from her second album, Not The Girl, showcases Holly’s voice.  Developing from an Alt-Country sound as heard on her first album, Golden Eagle to a more expanded sonic palette referencing the further reaches of classic sixties artists like Lee Hazlewood, particularly the Nancy and Lee album. A welcome return for a singer who’s gifted with a voice that needs to be heard.
Be My Friend is out now on Modern Sky: Holly Macve

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