Chris Sez: Sorry Sir, No Passport, No Gig!

Chris Sez Sorry Sir No Passport No Gig Featured Image

Chris SezVenues and promoters are looking at all possibilities for gigs to return safely as soon as possible. One idea that is being floated is the requirement of vaccine passports for gig-goers.

This has been mooted as a way for international travel to resume also. The premise for gigs restarting is that proof of full vaccination could allow near or full capacity attendance at large venues such as London O2.

As with many ideas relating to the pandemic, there are challenges. What will the passport be? An app, a physical document, other? Can countries agree to a standard passport so it can be used in many if not all countries?

Even if all these challenges can be addressed, a large proportion of gig-goers under 50, particularly teenagers and twenty-somethings are potentially a year away from full vaccination if the UK model of vaccination and time-frame for the under 50s is an indication of how other countries work.

Whilst this may work for medium to large size venues where staffing levels can be employed and funded to facilitate this requirement, smaller venues and pubs may struggle to do so. However, at least this points to a practical and safe way for gigs to resume in the near future.

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