Online Gig Reviews: Young Francis Hi Fi, Kid Kapichi

Online Gig Reviews Young Francis Hi Fi Kid Kapichi Featured Image

Live gigs aren’t back on the agenda yet and probably not until the Summer at the earliest. Barring a few social distanced gigs since March of last year, opportunities to see and hear live music in close proximity have been rare. Whilst online gigs can never be the same experience, they do provide some solace and allow interaction between bands and fans. So, laptop charged..what have we got?

* Young Francis Hi Fi, Hot Box. Friday 29th January
Bedecked in their battle vests, wearing double denim, they are dressed to impress. Young Francis Hi Fi is the bubblegum punks you need in your life. Harmonies and riffs. Twenty-five minutes but no shortage of songs. Brighton is blessed with many great punk and punk based bands and they are near the top. They would make a deadman move.
I last saw Young Francis Hi Fi just over a year at the Green Door Store. Hopefully, I can see them again soon without the need for Wi-Fi. Viva La Hi Fi!
See the gig on catch up!: YOUNG FRANCIS HIFI // Live at Hot Box IVW2021

More Young Francis Hi Fi on Plugged In Brighton

* Kid Kapichi, Savage Sounds. Sunday 31st January
Hotly tipped by the NME in their top 100 bands to follow in 2021 list, Kid Kapichi are a band on the rise. With live shows paused but with an album, This Time Next Year, to promote, we have this online gig filmed at Savage Sounds.
Dead-end jobs, limited choices, living for the weekend. Whilst these things make life hard, they give good bands, great source material to write songs about. They are magpies of the best kind. A bit of Hard-Fi, The Libertines and The Twang from this century but also The Jam from the last. They take a British working-class sensibility but have beefed up the riffs to give it a twist. The lyrics give food for thought whilst the riffs move your body.
A swift thirty minutes and we’re done but I wanted more. If the Arctic Monkeys were rockier, then you would have Kid Kapichi. You know what permitting, there are gigs scheduled for April. Get yourself a ticket if you can. Thank me later.  This time next year you’ll know who Kid Kapichi are, mark my words.
This Time Next Year is out on Friday, February 5th.:

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