Ten Questions With GENN

Ten Questions With GENN Featured Image

01. Why did you start in this business we call show?
We were pretty young when we started the band (previously known as Cryptic Street). As thirteen-year-olds, we didn’t really know what we were getting ourselves into, it all happened really fast. Since then, we’ve just become really comfortable with communicating with the outside world by making music and art.

02. What turns you on creatively, spiritually or emotionally?
Personally, I’ve always been super curious about my surroundings and I’m always lost in my own world. I find it very easy to become immersed and captivated by a book I’m reading, a film I’m watching, or even a recipe I’m coming up within my tiny kitchen! I’m always pretty deeply aware of the exchanges around me, and sometimes I feel like everything is moving in slow motion. I just try to absorb everything I see, feel and hear.

03. What is your favourite swear word?
Ostja Madonna!

04. What would have been the worst possible day for you to sleep through the alarm?
Probably a release date! It’s always so hectic in the moments before.

05. Presley or Costello?
Costello Bébé

06. What was the one gig (yours or someone else’s) that made time still for you?
Ah! When I saw the Bristol/Brighton-based band Stone Cold Fiction for the first time in Bristol. Honestly, it was just perfect.

07. What sound or noise do you love?
The sea, the rain and chiming bells. I miss the church bells so much now that I live in Brighton, I’ve rarely heard any since I moved over from Malta. Thankfully we have a lot of rain and I live by the sea, so at least I get some of my favourites!

08. It’s 3am. The promoter stole all the money. Two people turned up to the gig. Your name is spelt wrong on the poster. It’s raining. What makes you get up tomorrow and do it all over again?
I can’t really do anything else, it’s a passion that I can’t help but follow.

09. Where do all the odd socks go?
The spider in my room (named ‘Lynchette’) steals them all.

10. What will it say on your tombstone?
Another day, another potato.

GENN’s single Feel is out now: https://genntheband.bandcamp.com/

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