Various Artists – Cowley Club Benefit Mix 2021

Various Artists Cowley Club Benefit Mix 2021

Various Artists Cowley Club Benefit Mix 2021 CoverIn case you haven’t heard of the Cowley Club, here are a few words from zines past to explain.

The Cowley Club is a member-run centre which has facilities which are open to use by the general public. The centre’s aims are to support the local community and those disadvantaged in society by the provision of services and fundraising to aid them. For promoters and bands, the venue can be hired for gigs and is a great venue for punk gigs.

Sounds great, yeah!

Unfortunately, the pandemic as with other venues and community-led centres has hit them hard but the punk community has rallied around with this digital release to raise funds to help keep it open. Over fifty tracks from bands old and new and including a few unreleased ones too.

To the music. The Brighton punk scene is one of the best around and this compilation is evidence to this fact. From the bubblegum ramalama of Young Francis Hi Fi, via the post-punk jittery dance of Austerity to the heavy D Beat sounds of Attestor, every hue is here.

Even without the added bonus of doing a good thing, this is the compilation that shows everyone, if there was any doubt, that the scene is in rude health and when there is a problem, bands are willing and able to help when the music scene itself is suffering too.

So, dear reader, click on the link below, pledge a few quid (a bit more if you can) and do your bit. Help save the Cowley Club. A great venue and community asset.

Cowley Club Benefit Mix 2021 is available now on Bandcamp:

To find out more about the Cowley Club: Cowley Club Facebook


  • Haest – This Tired Boat Is Sinking
  • Ättestor – I Support
  • Vanilla Giver – Light Up Your Life
  • Ohyda – Sztuczny Tłum
  • Social Distance – Knows No Bounds
  • Litter – White People
  • Young Francis Hi Fi – Girls Like You (unreleased)
  • Lassiters – Thrown Wobbly (Rainbow Trout)
  • Complete Snake – 78910JQK
  • Et On Tuera Tous Les Affreux – 1312
  • Kriegstanz – Warsystem (unreleased)
  • Who Cares? – Upset
  • Seein Red – Stereophonic (Carbomb cover: unreleased)
  • ¡Disculpe! – Bha Igger Twords
  • Last Affront – Last Affront
  • Abrazos – DIY
  • Orwell Nation – Perpetuem Mobile
  • Distance – But After…No Gigs
  • Vile Spirit – Reflection
  • Parallel Worlds – Shift The Paradigm
  • Thee Headshrinkers – Keep Wot You Got!
  • Isolation – Divide It In Bits
  • Spillage – MORT420
  • Nekra – Groomer
  • Shooting Daggers – Hostile
  • Hack Job – Get In The Back Of The Van
  • Under Attack – Through The Blade
  • Arboricicio – Waves Of Bodies
  • Hells Ditch – Hope Is Hope
  • The Hell Beings – Skallywag
  • Combat Shock – T.W.A.T
  • Burnt Cross – Governed By Fools
  • Pussy Liquor – Pretty Good For A Girl
  • The Gutters – Jesus Boots (Cowley Club Remix)
  • No Relief – In My Grave
  • Sturdy Wrists – Slow Death By Fluorescent Lighting
  • Misanthropist – Asylum
  • Viaduct – Narcissus World
  • The Migraines – What We Do is STILL a Secret!
  • Bait – Humility
  • Austerity – Rinse And Repeat
  • Crisis Benoit – Awakened Corpses Desperation
  • Watchcries – Wild Flesh
  • People – Saturday Night
  • Human Leather – Geoff Tipps
  • State Funeral – Force-Fed
  • Porok – Moj Zakon
  • Grand Collapse – Chalk & Flint
  • Brutal Regime – Moral Bankruptcy
  • Lawful Killing – Backdraft
  • Zero Again – Covid Dreams
  • High Praise – Another Day
  • Bonus Anarcho-Punk Cover

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