Chris Sez: Wallet, Keys, ‘Phone, Vaccine Passport?

Chris Sez Wallet Keys Phone Vaccine Passport Featured Image

Chris SezThe latest from the UK government is that they are not looking at vaccine passports. This is out of step with many other countries who are looking at them as a way to allow travel between countries.

Putting aside the arguments about whether the data from a vaccine passport could be misused by government agencies, the music scene globally and within the UK will be reliant on the confidence of gig-goers to come back to gigs and festivals. Whilst mitigation will still be important, a vaccine passport provides an additional element of confidence to be in a venue with others for a few hours who you don’t know. The music scene is reliant on the casual punter as the rabid fan.

Both need reassurance.

For bands and crew who are likely to be impacted by Brexit, lessening complications to travelling and working abroad, a UK vaccine passport would help. There is time for the UK government to row back from their current stance and to reopen borders safely, they may require reciprocal deals with other countries re passports.

Normality is still not here, but to get gigs of some or any type happening, the music industry supported by the UK government must exhaust all options to achieve this.

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