Gig Review: The Ducks @ Hot Box, February 12th

Gig Review The Ducks @ Hot Box Febraury 12th Featured Image

Gig Review The Ducks @ Hot Box Febraury 12th Image 01Lockdown Three: The boredom strikes back. What to do on a Friday night?

Hot Box again comes to the rescue with an online gig from The Ducks. On their Bandcamp, they describe themselves as

a weird and aggressive 2 piece, hailing from the gentrified shores of Brighton. They’re the bargain bin soundtrack to broken Britain.

Humour and surrealism in music. Not to everyone’s taste?

Something I’ve enjoyed during lockdown is listening to live recordings of The Fall. The record of a man and his sixty-odd sidemen fighting the indifference of many for the benefit of the few.

Obtuseness is taken to its natural limit and then a bit further. Reminding me also of Frauds who share a similar lyrical take on the world with a focus on the mundane and small but twisted for your pleasure, The Ducks lurk in these fetid hinterlands, whispering not so sweet nothings into your ear if you get too near.

The link’s below to the video. Enter their world, Love a duck? Why not but don’t feed it dairy!

View the gig here: THE DUCKS // Live at Hot Box

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