New Releases: Tuesday 23rd February

New Releases Tuesday 23RD February Featured Image

* Matt Finucane – A Friend From Far Away
The second of three singles in advance of his new album due in April is this release. Channelling late 1980s Lou Reed circa New York album where the outsider observations are still keen but the music and vocals are in a netherworld between indie rock and adult pop. Trapped between force and nuance. As we cautiously attempt to make sense of a newly scorched earth, A Friend From Far Away articulates the human internal conflict between caution and progression. History shapes us but shouldn’t define us.

A Friend From Far Away is released on 26th February

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* Mouldy DianasMa, I Ain’t Psycho Anymore x/Past Is But A Four Letter Word  
Mouldy Dianas is the guitarist, vocalist and erstwhile leader of The Hell Beings, Brighton’s foremost purveyors of the type of rock you wouldn’t take home to mother. We have here two solo tracks recorded via i-phone but the lack of fidelity in no way diminishes the music. The words are as barbed and searing as the guitar playing. Absurdist poetry set to the sound of infernal fires, roaring and screaming. Rock with insight and intelligence from a life lived and learned from. The pain is real but so is the hope.

Ma, I Ain’t Psycho Anymore x/Past Is But A Four Letter Word are both out now.

More The Hell Beings on Plugged In Brighton:

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