Chris Sez Do You Remember?

Chris SezGigs barring a few socially distanced ones haven’t been part of our lives for nearly a year. What do you miss about them? Hanging out with friends? Having a drink? Hearing new music? Respite from the world around you? Getting out of the house?

Whatever your reason, gigs are an important part of the music fan’s life. When gigs start again we will need to learn again how to socialise with others and more than likely for 2021 if not 2022 whilst negotiating elements of pandemic mitigating, perhaps masks and social distancing. Part of relearning is also to think about how to make gig-going better for all.

Going forward, we should all aim to make gigs and venues safe spaces for all who attend and help those who may not be able to attend without support.

Gig Buddies is a Sussex based project that pairs up people with and without learning disabilities to be friends and go to events together. When we can go to gigs again let’s make sure we help those who haven’t had those opportunities, even pre-pandemic.

More information about Gig Buddies:

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