Chris Sez Plugged In Brighton Is Dead.

Chris SezAll things come to an end and it’s time for Plugged In Brighton to say goodbye. It was active for roughly two years as a blog and one year prior to that as a zine. Via Plugged In Brighton I’ve reviewed numerous bands live and on record, sometimes tape but mainly digitally. From noisy punk bands such as Ditz through to funky oddness via Squid, I’ve tried to give a fair and supportive ear to all types of music that found its way to PIB Towers. I’m sorry I couldn’t review more.

I’ve reflected on what I want to do and twenty-four hours in a day isn’t enough to balance the needs of myself, my family and putting bread on the table. There are new projects being planned and to facilitate them, Plugged In Brighton must give way.

A big thank you to those of you who picked up a zine (Thankyou to Vinyl Revolution for stocking them) and to you the blog reader for reading my musings and occasional rantings.

NOTE: We are no longer taking submissions from bands and promoters.

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